How I made the Blood.

How I made the Blood.

To make the blood that the victims vomited I used:

-Golden Syrup
-Chocolate sauce
– Red Food Colouring

Boiling these 3 ingredients gave me the perfect “bloody” look. And it tasted great too!


Lord Robert MacIntyre.

Lord Robert MacIntyre.

Lord Robert was found in his study armchair the morning after a big dinner party at his house. This was “The Snow White Killer’s” last victim. After his body was found, she disappeared and was never heard of again…

Model: Matthew Alexandre.

Ms. Elizabeth Blake

Ms. Elizabeth Blake

Elizabeth Blake was a famous singer who often attended Lord Robert’s parties. Mary overheard her telling Lord Robert that she suspected someone in his house murdered Lady Sarah. The following hour Elizabeth’s body was found in the drawing room…

Model: Mignon Van Der Linde.

Lady Sarah Kent

Lady Sarah Kent

Lady Kent was the daughter of a wealthy newspaper editor. She was a flamboyant and loving person. She was the first victim of “The Snow White Killer”. She was engaged to be married to Lord Robert a few months before her tragic death. Her body was found in the library during one of the luncheons. Lord Robert was devastated when he found her.

Model: Savannah Varty.

The Snow White Killer

The Snow White Killer

Meet Mary Smith, a housekeeper with a dark side. Mary was orphaned at a young age and grew up working at the MacIntyre’s mansion. She quickly learnt that her beauty and charm could get her almost anything she wanted- except Lord Robert. Once she realised that he did not love her the way she wanted him to- she began killing to get her revenge. She would inject apples with cyanide and poison her victims.

Model: Carla Gailey.

Serial Killer Project.

The last project for this term is to create a serial killer and their victims by using make-up and props. Please note that this is entirely fictional and that I do not condone or support this behaviour.

Now, let’s go back to 1925 when all of this started…

Lord Robert MacIntyre was a British aristocrat that inherited his enormous wealth at a young age due to his parents unfortunate death. Being young, wealthy and in love he started to throw elaborate parties where all the rich and famous would attend. And it was at one of these nights the unthinkable happened…

Over the years more people were found murdered in the mansion until eventually, Lord MacIntyre was found dead. Each person was murdered the same way with a lethal ingestion of cyanide that was injected into an apple. If a human being consumes cyanide they start vomiting blood, they’re eyes start to pop and they’re skin turns whiter than normal. It takes about 20 minutes till an extremely painful death.


Each victim was found with an apple next to them thus the killer was named “The Snow White Killer”